SYNCT Apps: ARIES® User Defined Protocol

Integrate and simplify user defined protocols with ARIES® Systems using intuitive software and reagents


ARIES® and ARIES® M1 Systems are crafted to increase laboratory efficiency, ensure result accuracy, and fit seamlessly into today’s lean laboratory. ARIES® is an open platform that allows customers to run User Defined Protocols (UDP), and is capable of running both (UDP) and IVD assays in a single batch when using a universal assay protocol.


Utilize the full ARIES® tool kit to simplify UDPs, and take advantage of the automation provided with the system. Our UDP tools include:

  • The ARIES® and ARIES® M1 Systems—real-time PCR systems designed to improve efficiency, minimize the risk of error, and ensure accuracy
  • SYNCT™ Software—enables electronic reporting of results, remote monitoring of test progress, and bidirectional LIS connectivity for processing orders
  • ARIES® UDP App—a SYNCT™ application that can be installed to enable the creation of assay protocol files for ASR primers
  • ARIES® Extraction Kit—a cassette designed for the universal extraction of both DNA and RNA targets that runs on ARIES® Systems, and includes Sample Processing Control (SPC)
  • Reagents—ARIES® MultiCode® Ready Mixes, Ready Mixes and MultiCode Primers



The ARIES® UDP App is an application that can be installed on SYNCT™ Software, allowing customers to create User Defined Protocols for running ASR primers or user defined primers.


The workflow to create customized assay protocol files is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Define targets—Define targets on any of the 1-6 channels, including Sample Processing Controls (SPC).
  2. Set thermal cycling—Create new cycling parameters or use the default Luminex universal profile to batch with other Luminex assays.
  3. Set call parameters—Gather data to graphically set Ct and Tm ranges used in call determination.
  4. Save and run—Save the new assay protocol file, and then export the file to either ARIES® instrument to begin running LDTs.


For more information, download the ARIES® UDP App product sheet.

ARIES® Extraction Kit

ARIES® Extraction Kit (IVD)


The ARIES® Extraction Kit enables users to take advantage of automation provided by ARIES® Systems.


Designed for nucleic acid extraction and purification, the ARIES® Extraction Kit offers:

  • Universal extraction of both DNA and RNA targets with a single cassette from a variety of sample types
  • Internal sample processing controls to verify sample lysis, nucleic acid extraction, and proper system and reagent performance
  • Walkaway processing, once the specimen is added to the sample chamber


For more information, download the ARIES® Extraction Kit product sheet.

Product Kit Size Part Number
Extraction Kit
ARIES® Extraction Starter Kit

Includes: Extraction Cassettes (24), ARIES® Extraction Protocol File, Package Insert, and Empty ARIES® PCR Tubes

24 Cassettes 50-10028
(Required for first order only)
ARIES® Extraction Kit 24 Cassettes 50-10026
Master Mix
ARIES® MultiCode® Ready Mix 24 Tubes 3696
ARIES® MultiCode® DNA Ready Mix 24 Tubes 3697
MHV Control Primers 1 100 μL 3802
MHV Control Primers 2 100 μL 3803
MHV Control Primers 3 100 μL 3804
MHV Control Primers 4 100 μL 3805
SYNCT™ Software N/A CN-SW47-01

ARIES® Systems are cleared or approved by the FDA only when used with ARIES IVD assays which have been cleared or approved by the FDA.