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Move from Multiple Assays to Multiplexing with xMAP® Technology

xMAP® – The World’s Most Used Multiplexing Technology


Supporting discovery in research to diagnostic applications




  • Test for more biomarkers
  • Use less sample
  • Save time and reagents
  • Gain a better understanding of complex biological systems
Learn About xMAP® Technology

Learn About xMAP Technology

Discover the Benefits of xMAP® Technology

Discover the Benefits

Explore xMAP® Applications

Explore Applications

Tired of profiling biomarkers one at a time?


Using traditional singleplex analysis techniques is time-consuming and requires significant sample volumes. These constraints often limit the number of targets you can evaluate in a single study. What if you could test up to 500 analytes (protein, nucleic acid, or polysaccharide) in the same time it takes to run one reaction and with a single aliquot of sample?


Move beyond ELISA, western blots, PCR, mass spectrometry, or traditional solid-phase arrays to generate more data while saving sample time and reagents with xMAP® Technology.



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