xMAP® Salmonella Serotyping Assay

xMAP Salmonella Serotyping Assay

Salmonellosis is the most frequently reported cause of foodborne illness

xMAP® Salmonella Serotyping Assay


Salmonellosis is the most frequently reported cause of foodborne illness, causing an estimated 1.4 million cases of foodborne illness and over 400 deaths annually in the US.1


The Luminex xMAP® Salmonella Serotyping Assay (SSA) is a multiplex, nucleic acid-based assay for research or epidemiological use in identifying serotypes greater than 85%2 of the most commonly encountered Salmonella isolates within hours compared with existing methods that can take up to six weeks for results.


Comparing xMAP SSA with Antisera Agglutination


xMAP SSA Antisera Agglutination
Simultaneous identification of 85% of most commonly encountered Salmonella serotypes Iterations of individual antisera agglutination tests plus phase inversion
Can serotype rough and problematic isolates Cannot serotype rough and non-motile isolates
cGMP reagents Lengthy individual antisera lab validation due to lot to lot inconsistencies

Qualitative calls:

  • Set comparative data thresholds
  • Four hour turnaround time

Subjective calls:

  • Visual agglutination read
  • Two days to six weeks turnaround time



xMAP® Salmonella Serotyping Kit

The xMAP Salmonella Serotyping Assay was developed by the CDC3-4 for fast and comprehensive molecular Salmonella serotyping. The assay consists of three separate tests that detect O and H antigens simultaneously, including the ability to identify some serotype-specific markers in the Additional Targets or AT test.



Antigen Targets cCovered by xMAP SSA
Test Groups/Antigens Detected
O-Group B, C1, C2, D, E, G, and serotype Paratyphi A (ParaA)
H-Group a, b, c, d, j, (e,h), i, k, r, z10, z, z29, z6, y, L-complex, v, z28, EN-complex, x, z15, 1-complex, 2, 5, 6, 7, G-complex, f, (m/g,m), (m/m,t), p, s, t-1*, z51, z4-complex, and z24
AT sdf (specific for S. enteritidis), fljB (positive control for second H Antigen phase), and Vi (specific for S. typhi)



Salmonella Serotyping Assay Workflow | Step 1

Step 1

DNA is extracted and quantified from a Salmonella isolate using a simple 15 minute extraction method.

Salmonella Serotyping Assay Workflow | Step 2

Step 2

Multiplexed PCR with biotinylated primers is performed for each of the three tests included in the assay.

Salmonella Serotyping Assay Workflow | Step 3

Step 3

Labeled amplicon is hybridized to the appropriate oligonucleotide probe-coupled microsphere mixture and labeled with SAPE reporter.

Salmonella Serotyping Assay Workflow | Step 4

Step 4

The assay plate is analyzed on a Luminex® 100/200™.

Data generated may be further analyzed via the optional Salmonella Analysis Tool to determine serotype based on the Kauffman-White-Le Minor scheme.

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US Public Health6

xMAP Salmonella Serotyping Assay for Epidemiological Surveillance 100 tests/20 uses Research Use Only (RUO) AGSSA4502 Luminex
Assay Buffer 40 mL (100 tests) Research Use Only (RUO) 40-00022 Luminex

Commercial Testing

xMAP Salmonella Serotyping Assay (SSA)5 100 tests/20 uses Research Use Only (RUO) AGSSA4502 Biovet
Assay Buffer 40 mL (100 tests) Research Use Only (RUO) 40-00022 Biovet
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