The VERIGENE® System

The VERIGENE® System

The VERIGENE® System enables clinicians to rapidly identify the pathogens responsible for some of the most complex, costly, and deadly infectious diseases

The VERIGENE® System offers automated, cost-effective multiplex capabilities that rapidly and accurately detect infectious pathogens and drug resistance markers, without relying on time-consuming culture methods.


Delivery of this time-critical information enables clinicians to provide targeted patient care more quickly, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes, lower costs, optimized antibiotic therapy, reduced spread of antibiotic resistance, and most importantly, saved lives.


VERIGENE is powering faster treatment decisions in more than half of the top U.S. hospitals. VERIGENE’s ease of use makes it a valuable system for use in both hospital-based and reference laboratories.


Tests run on the VERIGENE platform are designed to target infections in the bloodstream, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract.

The VERIGENE® System


The VERIGENE® System Test Cartridge

VERIGENE Test Cartridges


The VERIGENE Test Cartridge is a single-use, self-contained test unit comprised of the following:


  • Reagent Pack—A microfluidic cassette that contains all of the hybridization reagents needed for a single test and captures the waste materials generated during test processing.
  • Substrate Holder—Contains a glass slide that serves as a solid support for the microarray used to capture targeted nucleic acids.


Each Test Cartridge is designed for multiplex analyses of one patient sample.




The VERIGENE System instrumentation consists of a VERIGENE Reader and one or multiple VERIGENE Processor SPs.


The VERIGENE Reader manages sample information, reads results from processed cartridges, and allows for results printing, internal data storage, and LIS connectivity without the need for an external PC.


The VERIGENE Processor SP is a modular, easy to use bench top analyzer that combines automated nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification (if required), and hybridization in each module. These advanced capabilities allow users to run VERIGENE Tests on-demand in response to testing requirements, without the need for batch processing, specially trained personnel, or specialized facilities.


The VERIGENE System is scalable, allowing throughput customization to meet the size and testing demands of each laboratory.


VERIGENE Reader and Processor SP
Automation Sample to Result
Workflow On-Demand and Scalable
CLIA Designation Moderate Complexity


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VERIGENE System Specifications


Electrical and Mechanical Specifications
  Reader Processor SP
Rated Voltage AC 100V-200V AC 100V-200V
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50-60 50-60
Max. Current 400 mAmps 1.9 Amps
Fuse 1.6A, 250V Fast-acting 2.5A, 250V Fast-acting
Width 298 mm (11.7″) 194 mm (7.6″)
Height 316 mm (12.4″) 475 mm (18.7″)
Depth 521 mm (20.5″) 582 mm (22.9″)
Weight 11.3 kg (25 lbs) 17.3 kg (38 lbs)

On-Demand Workflow
(24/7 Testing)


Load the Test Cartridge, test consumables, and sample into the Processor SP.
Automated sample preparation and test processing takes place on the Processor SP.
Place slide from the Test Cartridge in the VERIGENE Reader for results.

Minimal Hands-On Time


All tests run on the VERIGENE System require less than five minutes of hands-on time.

CLIA Moderate Complexity


The VERIGENE System is classified as CLIA Moderate Complexity.


VERIGENE bloodstream tests provide cost-effective bacterial identification and antibiotic resistance determination directly from positive blood culture bottles up to 48 hours faster than conventional methods.
Gram-Positive Blood Culture
Gram-Negative Blood Culture

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The VERIGENE gastrointestinal infection tests require less than five minutes of user hands-on time and deliver comprehensive results directly from a stool sample in less than two hours.
C. difficile Test
Enteric Pathogens Test

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The VERIGENE respiratory tract infection test provides viral identification information clinicians need to select appropriate treatment for their patients, and can limit misuse and overuse of antibiotics.
Respiratory Pathogens Flex

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