VERIGENE® NanoGrid Technology

NanoGrid Technology is the powerful driving force behind all Verigene tests

The VERIGENE System’s Advanced Technology


The VERIGENE® System utilizes advanced automation and proprietary chemistry to enable rapid, sample to result detection of nucleic acid and protein targets. NanoGrid Technology, a unique gold nanoparticle probe chemistry, is the driving force behind all VERIGENE tests, providing a versatile and extremely reliable foundation for the VERIGENE System’s growing menu of clinically meaningful diagnostics.


About NanoGrid Technology


VERIGENE® NanoGrid Technology

The gold nanoparticles utilized in NanoGrid Technology are 13-20 nanometers (nm) in diameter. One nanometer is approximately one ten-thousandth (1/10,000) of the width of a human hair.


Depending upon the application, each nanoparticle is functionalized with either a defined number of oligonucleotides (i.e., short pieces of DNA or RNA) or a defined number of antibodies that are specific to a particular protein of interest.



Gold nanoparticle probes possess several properties that make them ideal for diagnostic applications:

  • Allow increased sensitivity by several orders of magnitude compared to fluorophores. Light scattered from one nanoparticle is equivalent to the light emitted from 500,000 fluorophores
  • Enable high-specificity for both nucleic acid and protein detection
  • Reduce background noise, which in turn, creates an enhanced assay signal
  • Are extremely stable, have a long shelf-life, and are non-toxic

NanoGrid Technology in VERIGENE Tests


The detection of DNA or RNA targets on the VERIGENE System using NanoGrid Technology entails:

  • Automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR amplification (if necessary) from a clinical sample on the VERIGENE Processor SP
  • Automated transfer of eluted nucleic acids into a VERIGENE Test Cartridge for hybridization
  • Primary hybridization of target DNA to capture oligonucleotides on a microarray
  • Secondary hybridization of specific mediator oligonucleotides and gold nanoparticle probes
  • Signal amplification of hybridized probes via a silver staining process
  • Automated qualitative analysis of results on the VERIGENE Reader