xTAG® Technology

Luminex xTAG® Technology

A flexible solution for performing clinical multiplexed nucleic acid assays

xTAG® Nucleic Acid Assay Technology


xTAG® Technology uses a proprietary universal tag system that allows easy development and optimization of nucleic acid assays. xTAG Technology combined with Luminex instruments is a complete solution for mid-density arrays evaluating gene expression, genotypes, or miRNA. Many nucleic acid tests from Luminex are based on xTAG Technology and include clinical diagnostic assays for infectious diseases and genetic testing.

xTAG Technology


The TAG portion of the name represents TAG technology. TAG technology constitutes the proprietary sequences designed by Luminex for nucleic acid applications.


The advantages of using xTAG Technology in your nucleic acid assay are:

  • Sequences have been optimized to minimize cross-hybridization, thus preventing cross-talk in multiplexed nucleic acid assays.
  • Only three bases are used (TAG), preventing hybridization with native sequences.
  • Isothermal hybridization prevents long experimental design and testing times seen when you have to choose your own sequence.

About xTAG Technology Products


Luminex xTAG Technology products provide accurate, flexible, low-cost bead arrays. They combine any set of up to 150 nucleic acid tests and multiplex them in a single reaction. xTAG assays are run on the Luminex xMAP® systems, which use lasers or LEDs to read color coded microspheres that attach to specific nucleic acid sequences.